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Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

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Step 4

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  1. How does the unifi Affiliate Program work?

    Partners register & send in business documents for verification. Upon successful registration, partners will received a Login ID. Partners can start selling through using our affiliate portal and commission will be paid upon successful convergence, resulting new customer purchases of unifi’s product and services.

  2. What products are eligible for commission and how much commission will my business earn?

    Partners are allow to sell all general unifi home & unifi mobile plans shown in our website, except for the special dedicated plans like Student pack & Jasa pack. Commission earned by affiliates are based on the agreement signed.

  3. How can my business qualify for this program?

    Businesses with high, unique visitor traffic, a qualifying website and a sales consultant to manage sales are strongly encouraged to apply.

  4. How do I register my business for this program?

    You may register your business here. Your application will be reviewed for qualifying criteria prior to approval.